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Notice: No bottle of this website is for sale.

Only are for sell (or trade) my duplicates bottles (push the button below)

In order to know if the bottle we buy is in correct condition, all the bottles in the collection are photographed with the front labels (and when they have them) and with the back labels.


Each bottle have a description (distillery, approximate date of distillation) and a worth.  The evaluations are made according the age of bottle and the easy of dificulty to obtain it. 



The classification of each bottle according to its ease or difficulty to acquire it is the following:

*******  Rare as a fell  (if you gets this bottle you has a jewel)

******    Extremely rare (found in very few specialized collections)

*****     Very rare (can be found in very specialized collections of whiskey)

****       Rare (can be found in specialized collection of whiskey)

***         Rare/common  (their presence is common in geneal liquors collections)     

**           Common (their presence is common is the particular collections and it can occasionally be bought online or on ebay)

*             Very common (can be purchased on ebay, by buying online or retail stores such as stores, department stores, etc.)